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Schedule of Events
of «Business Dialogue» company

March, 15-16
International Forum
Transport science: innovative solutions for business
Moscow, Russia
March, 20-21

Scientific and Technical Conference of Construction complex of JSC “Russian Railways”
Sochi, Russia
April, 11

Passenger forum
Moscow, Russia
May, 10-31

World Championship Match 2012
Moscow, Russia
May, 30 - June, 1
VII International railway business-forum
Strategic Partnership 1520
Sochi, Russia
July, 5-7
International Conference
Global Practices in Railway Stations Development: from Engineering to Revenue Stream
Merano, Italy
September, 19
International Conference
Railway Engineering 1520 and 1435: Partnership of manufacturers
Berlin, Germany (within the international exhibition "InnoTrans 2012")
October, 17-18
XVII International Conference
Information technologies for rail transport
Saint Petersburg, Russia
November, 12-14
III International Rail Business Forum
1520 Strategic Partnership: Central Asia
Astana, Kazakhstan
December, 3-8

Transport Week - 2012

Moscow, Russia
December, 10-11
X International Conference
Transport Services Market: cooperation and partnership
Moscow, Russia
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