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The Seventh International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” has come to a close in Sochi. The main focus of the event was on “The 1520: A formula of growth in a networked system of economic and trade organisations”.

More than 1400 delegates met in Sochi to discuss what role the 1520 area will play in globalisation and world integration. According to JSC Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin, an unprecedented number of government representatives attended the event, including delegates from the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Economic Development, and the Federal Tariff Service. The forum was also attended by ministers and governmental departments of other countries participating in the forum, as well as by a European Union delegation which confirmed the interest of the continent’s political and economic elite in the issues raised during the discussions.  

Large manufacturers, heads of global multinational corporations, transport experts, leading scientists, investors and representatives of civil society joined railway administrators and other participants in the transport services market to voice their opinions about the challenges facing today’s transport system in Europe and Asia, as well as the 1520 Area as a bridge between the EU and the Asia Pacific Region.

Several contracts and agreements worth more than 120 billion roubles were signed at the forum, and practical ways to implement international transport and logistics project were developed. The forum was covered by more than 250 media representatives from 10 countries.  

Sergey Karaganov, an independent director of the forum and chairman of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy, said that he had been impressed with the format of the forum, and its level of organisation: “… it’s even better that the World Economic Forum in Davos.”


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