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Railway equipment manufacturers to meet in Berlin

The international conference “Railway Engineering: A Springboard to a Closer Partnership between 1520 & 1435” will be held on 19 September 2012 in Berlin at the Concorde Hotel under the patronage of the Russian Ministry of Transport and with the support of JSC Russian Railways. The forum organiser is Business Dialogue.

The conference will be held on the same date as the InnoTrans 2012 international transport and logistics exhibition. The event will address issues involving practical cooperation between Russian and European companies in matters of railway engineering, harmonising the technical standards of the 1520 and 1435 spaces, and improving the quality of railway equipment. Considerable attention will also be paid to the issue of venture financing for projects to produce traction and rolling stock as well as reducing government financing for such projects.

The conference will be attended by the leaders of the transport agencies of Russia and Germany, international organisations, trade unions and associations, major Russian and foreign railway engineering companies and international venture funds.

Having such a wide range of representatives in attendance at the conference will make it possible to thoroughly study and discuss the problems of modern railway engineering and develop effective solutions.

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