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 Transport Science 2011

Transport science: innovative solutions for business

Greetings to the participants in the II International Forum “Transport science: innovative solutions for business”

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the II International Forum “Transport Science: Innovative Solutions for Business”!

Development of the transport sector is an important prerequisite for development of the Russian economy, for making it more competitive. It is obvious that this area calls for consolidated efforts of all stakeholders – government, business, and the scientific and educational community.

The Forum “Transport Science: Innovative Solutions for Business” has already established itself as a reputable and an authoritative platform for professional discussion of a full range of topical issues involved in railway transport development, where potential solutions to existing problems are suggested, and where ideas are actively exchanged and experience shared. It is important that, at the II International Forum “Transport Science: Innovative Solutions for Business”, considerable attention is to be focused on the issues of training of scientists and international integration of transportation science.

I wish you a constructive discussion and success in your work!

Andrey Fursenko
Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation


On behalf of JSC Russian Railways and myself personally I send greetings to the participants and guests of the II International Forum “Transport science: innovative solutions for business”.

Rail transport in Russia is at a stage of radical modernisation. We are witnesses to a substantial upgrade of the infrastructure, to a process of technical re-equipment and to the application of modern technologies and experience.

The integration of scientific knowledge and production in combination with growing commercialisation of the results of scientific research is an important factor for increasing the efficiency of the railway business in the interests of all participants in the transport services market.

The issue of bringing about innovative development in transport, which features on the agenda of the II International Forum “Transport science: innovative solutions for business”, is important today both for the successful development of the industry and in terms of making the national economy more competitive at a time when the amount of international trade is constantly increasing. The forum offers a platform which is conducive to open dialogue and to the search for answers to the challenges facing the national transport system.

I wish the participants in the forum fruitful work and new innovative solutions!

Vladimir Yakunin
President of the Russian Railways


I send my greetings to the participants, guests and organisers of the II International Forum “Transport science: innovative solutions for business”.

In the modern world scientific solutions are the basis for any innovative work. Railway transport is no exception. Today, successfully implementing the results of scientific work and skilfully commercialising them are keys to achieving efficient development of the railway system and its full integration into the common European transport space.

Holding integrated discussions, as part of the forum, on issues concerning the improvement of the railway industry’s work is becoming especially significant in the context of our celebration of the 175th anniversary of Russian railways. I am sure that the forum will enable us to achieve a systematic dialogue between representatives of industry-related science and business, in the interests of accelerating the transition of the Russian railway industry to an innovative path of development.

I invite the heads of scientific organisations related to the railway industry and specialists working in the transport system to take an active and meaningful part in the forthcoming event and I wish all the participants fruitful work and interesting and useful meetings!

Professor B.M. Lapidus
Doctor of Economic Sciences,
Chairman of the Forum’s Organising Committee,
Chairman of the Russian Railways Unified Scientific Council,
Chairman of the International Union of Railways’ International Railway Research Board


On behalf of the Russian Academy of Sciences and myself personally I send greetings to everyone attending.

The modern transport system is one of the foundational factors for successfully developing the Russian economy and increasing the prosperity of the country’s citizens. At a time when international economic processes are accelerating, the strategic importance of transport for the national economy is obvious. Transitioning the Russian transport industry to a qualitatively different and innovative development trajectory requires that we make greater efforts to develop and introduce advanced technologies in the field of engineering, and that we optimise transport flows, build the transport infrastructure and ensure safety in transportation.

It will be impossible to fulfil this objective without developing system-wide cooperation between science and business and creating a competitive scientific product with a high level of commercialisation and economic return. I am sure that dialogue between scientific and business circles is a key tool for developing correct consolidated measures aimed at improving the quality of the Russian transport industry’s work and making it more competitive.

I wish the participants in the forum interesting and fruitful work.

Academician Yury Osipov,
President of Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow,Staraya Basmannaya street,
38/2 build. 3
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