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 Transport Science 2011

Transport science: innovative solutions for business


Thursday 15 March Holiday Inn Sоkolniki Hotel, Moscow


Tea / coffee



Vadim Morozov, D.Sc. in Engineering, First Vice-President, Russian Railways


Plenary Session
The future of rail transport. The achievements of science as a catalyst for transformation in the industry

  • 175 years of railways of Russia: mission, problems, perspectives
  • Identifying the priorities of scientific work based on the hierarchy of technical and technological issues in railway industry
  • Encouraging a self-developing innovative environment: the multiplier effects of innovations on railway system

Boris Lapidus, D.Sc. in Economics, Professor, General Director, Russian Research and Development Institute of Railway Transport; Chairman, International Railway Research Board at the International Union of Railways

Valentin Gapanovich, Senior Vice-President, Russian Railways; President, Non-commercial Partnership Railway Equipment Producers Association
Viktor Ivanter, D.Sc. in Economics, Academician, Director, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Economic Forecast
Vasily Fomin, Academician, Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Director, S.A. Khristianovich Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Michael Kadow, Vice-President Business Excellence, DB Schenker; Head, DB Schenker Labs - DB Mobility Logistics AG
Fedor Pekhterev, Ph.D. in Economics, General Director, Institute of Transport Economy and Development
Alexey Sokolov, D.Sc. in Engineering, Deputy Chairman, Scientific Development and Interaction of the Russian Railways Unified Scientific Council


Coffee break


Improving Transport Flows for Better Business: Innovative Solutions for Transportation Management

  • Specialisation of railway lines – a key factor in increasing the efficiency of freight and passenger services
  • Mechanisms for increasing traffic speed: introduction of cutting-edge technologies and promotion of new services
  • Developing a regulatory pricing model. How can the tariff policies be more market-oriented?
  • Informatisation of management systems and process-based approach: encouraging business processes at a fairly different level
  • Introducing energy-saving traffic timetables: assessments of resource savings for both carrier and infrastructure company

Anton Ryshkov, D.Sc. in Economics, Deputy Director, Department of Economic Situation and Strategic Development, Russian Railways; Member, Russian Railways Unified Scientific Council

Dmitry Bogomazov, CIO, Freight One
Nikolay Buzurnuk, Deputy General Director, Intellex
Anatoly Fedorenko, D.Sc. in Economics, Professor, Head, Department of Logistics Infrastructure Management, Higher School of Economics National Research University
Boris Lapidus, D.Sc. in Economics, Professor, General Director, Russian Research and Development Institute of Railway Transport; Chairman, International Railway Research Board at the International Union of Railways
Yelena Makarova, D.Sc. in Economics, Head, Passenger Transport Management and ACS Express Laboratory at the Russian Railway Transport Research Institute
Leonid Mazo, D.Sc. in Economics, Expert, TransBasis
Vladimir Savchuk, Head of the Railway Transport Research Department, Institute of Natural Monopolies




Scientific HR as a Source for Innovative Development of Rail Transport

  • Organising focused training in railways specialities: where does the partnership between businesses and universities lead to?
  • Fostering social management across staff training programmes
  • Encouraging youth rallies and scientific competitions: creating more incentives and motivation for R&D among future researchers
  • Training programmes and individual professional development plans: criteria for candidates selection and expected benefits for employers
  • Attracting young staff to work in industry-related scientific establishments and to deliver innovative projects

Anton Nagralyan, Ph.D. in Sociology, First Deputy Head of Personnel Management Department, Head of the Centre for Internal Policy and Development of Corporate Culture, Russian Railways

Pavel Bezruchko, Senior Partner, General Director, ECOPSY Consulting
Olga Efimova, D.Sc. in Economics, Professor, Moscow State Railway University
Andrey Goloborodko, Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Education, Rostov State Transport University
Pavel Kuznetsov, Ph.D. in Engineering, Chief Engineer, Design Technological Bureau Privolzhskiy Region Railway Department, Russian Railways; Chairman, Youth Council of Privolzhsk Railway, a subsidiary of Russian Railways
Ivan Prokudin, D.Sc. in Engineering, Professor, Head, Department of Construction Management and Methods, St Petersburg State University of Railway Engineering
Vyacheslav Rybkin, Ph.D. in Sociology, General Director, Lengiprotrans
Maxim Zheleznov, Ph.D. in Engineering, Associate Professor, First Deputy General Director for Science, Russian Railway Transport Research Institute (VNIIZhT)
Andrzej Zurkowski, Ph.D. in Engineering, Director, Railway Institute in Warsaw


Coffee break


Integration of Transport Science on a Pan-European Scale

  • Key trends in global R&D bearing on rail transport
  • Creating a 1520 scientific centre: what does the more consolidated research offer?
  • Opportunities for closer scientific
    co-operation within the framework of international organisations
  • Delivering joint R&D projects: assisting a joint ambition to improve cross-border transportation
  • Increasing interoperability between 1520 and 1435 railway systems: ways to overcome technological and operational differences

Richard Germain, Ph.D. in Marketing, Professor, EBS University Wiesbaden, Germany; Director, Deutsche Bahn and Russian Railways Center for International Logistics and Supply Chain Mgmt, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University

Jaroslav Grim, Ph.D., Board Member, General Director, Railway Research Institute of Czech Republic
Dmitry Macheret, D.Sc. in Economics, Professor, First Deputy Chairman, Russian Railways Unified Scientific Council
Peter Rybin, Ph.D. in Engineering, Professor, Dean, Faculty of Transportation Management, St. Petersburg State University of Railway Engineering
Dennis Schut, Head, Research Unit, International Union of Railways
Vladimir Tsyganov, Head of Department of Forecasting of Development of Transport Networks, Solomenko Institute for Research of Transport Issues of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Evgeny Zarechkin, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Director, Center for Human and Social technologies, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering

Transport Engineering: Scientific & Technical Innovations to Help Manufacturers

  • Manufacturers’ requirements for key rolling stock parameters. How to compromise goals of R&D and expectations of businesses?
  • Incentives for using rolling stock with reduced impact on infrastructure
  • Alternative traction methods and fuel types: reducing costs via sensible resource-saving
  • Engineering centres as a basis for effective adaptation of best practices in the process of localisation
  • Improving railway equipment and increasing operational time to see fewer maintenance and repairs

Vladimir Matyushin, Ph.D. in Engineering, Professor, Vice-President, Non-commercial Partnership ‘Railway Equipment Producers Association

Viktor Alekseev, D.Sc. in Engineering, Professor, Deputy Director by Informatization, Scientific-Research Institute of Transport and Transport Facilities, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering
Vladimir Krylov, Ph.D. in Engineering, Chief Engineer, Knorr-Bremse Systems for Rail Vehicles
Eduard Oganian, D.Sc. in Engineering, Head, Endurance Capability, VNIKTI; Professor for Theoretic and Applied Mechanics, Moscow State Regional University
Andrey Zarucheysky, Ph.D. in Engineering, Head, Traction Equipment Department, Russian Railway Transport Research Institute
Yevgeny Zhyroukhov, Chief Engineer, Research and Production Association RaTorm
Anton Zubikhin, General Director, Center for Innovative Development of STM



Boris Lapidus, D.Sc. in Economics, Professor, General Director, Russian Research and Development Institute of Railway Transport; Chairman, International Railway Research Board at the International Union of Railways


Fork buffet

Friday 16 March, VNIIZHT

10.00 – 13.00

Joint meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Railways Unified Scientific Council and the leaders of the International Union of Railways’ International Railway Research Board (for Council and Board members only)

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