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Transport Week 2011 is a unique format that includes all major business and cultural events of the industry. From 21 to 26 November 2011, EcoCentre Sokolniki will provide a forum for over 3,000 government and business representatives to discuss operation and development issues in the Russian transportation complex, as well as its integration into the global transport system. The forum will offer a favourable environment for all interested parties to communicate effectively.

Transport Week 2011 is initiated and organized by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation; the event is operated  by Business Dialogue company.

TRANSPORT WEEK 2011 includes:

  • International Congress  ROAD TRAFFIC RUSSIA-2011. Traffic management in the Russian Federation (November 22)
  • International Road Congress «Innovations in Road Infrastructure» (November 22-24)
  • V Anniversary International Forum «Transport of Russia»
    • Plenary session, panel discussion (November 23)
    • Conferences on rail, air, road and water transport (November 24-25)
    • Evening reception on behalf of Igor Levitin, Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation (November 23)
  • V Anniversary International Exhibition «Transport of Russia» (November 23- 25)
  • Entertainment and sports events
    • Awarding young scientists and journalists (November 21)
    • All-Russia Festival of Arts for Transport Universities students «TranspArt-2011» (final – November 21)
    • III Russian Sports Festival for Transport Universities Students (final – Noveber 22)

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