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International Conference
"The Role of Railways in European Tourism"

April, 14-15, 2011, Merano (Italy)


In recent years the tourism industry has become established and has won recognition as one of the world’s biggest areas of service provision business. This has been possible as a result of more widespread opening of borders between states, the signing of the Schengen Agreement, the fact that people have seen an increase in their income, and the development of the transport infrastructure. All this has made it possible for travel to become a mass phenomenon and for attitudes towards tourist trips themselves to change as they have been transformed from an element of luxury into a factor of everyday life. With the development of tourism, transport routes will constantly expand, because the increase in demand for trips has a positive influence on the development of the transport infrastructure. And transport itself, in turn, makes it possible to expand the geography of trips. A mutual influence occurs which is useful and beneficial to both sides.

The implementation of structural reform in rail transport anticipates that new additional types of business will be introduced, linked with passenger services, including the development of railway tourism. Existing foreign experience shows that railway companies are taking an active role in the development of tourism and are successfully engaging in the tourism business. In this respect the experience of work by railway companies in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and other countries is of interest.

To discuss the significance of rail transport and its influence on the development of European tourism, determine the strategic directions and review the prospects for the development of international rail tourism 14-15 April 2011 in Merano (Italy) will be held the International Conference "The Role of Railways in European Tourism" organized by "Business Dialogue" with the assistance of the Russian Center N. Borodina in Merano and the official support of JSC "Russian Railways".

Participate in the International conference are invited:

  • Senior executives and representatives of railways in Russia and European Union countries;
  • Senior tourism agency executives and representatives of the administration of South Tyrol, and businessmen from Merano and Bolzano;
  • Leaders of industry alliances and associations, etc.

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