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The Seventh International Rail Business Forum "1520 Strategic Partnership"

May, 30 - June 1, 2012
Radisson Lazurnaya, Sochi (Russia)

The programme for 2012 will generate a comprehensive debate over the future shape of railway transport within economic and trade organisations across whole Eurasia. The Forum will map out the steps needed to encourage a balanced and more cohesive transportation network within both SES and CIS, as well as between 1520 and 1435 railway systems. The market outlines over the Russia’s accession to the WTO will also be in the limelight of the debates.

Transit capacity and container business will be central to a two-day programme, with a focus on how to speed-up transportation on both East-West and North-South routes, improve infrastructure and tariff policies to secure railway companies are on the cutting-edge of global transportation market.

The agenda will cover international passenger transportation, HR-policies, stations and railway engineering. It will also provide an opportunity to listen to a number of success stories in setting up agile business models in freight delivery and consider blueprints for raising profits against continuing uncertainty and volatility in global economy.

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