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LLC Business Dialogue resulted from the integration of conference activities of several companies: “RZD partner”, “Strategic partnership 1520” and “Transbasis”.

The participants in our forums are legislators, executives of JSC Russian Railways, heads of federal agencies, ministries, large transport companies, leading transport-oriented press and many others.

Our conferences and forums attract largest enterprises and organizations of the transport industry.

Our goals are to introduce unique intellectual products and solutions in transport development; set the best projects go in order to set up new ties in transport businesses; make tangible contributions into competitiveness of the Russian transport system.

  • We will draw attention to you by publicizing the intellectual leadership you possess in key items and issues of the sector (from branding areas at largest events to holding conferences on matters critical for you business under the flag of your company)
  • We will organize “road-shows” for you to visit your largest clients with presentations (from drafting the list of target companies and organizing presentations to analyzing clients’ standpoints and opinions about the presented products
  • We will organize your turnkey participation in all sector-held exhibitions and conference, including foreign ones (from selecting the event and designing the stands to receiving visas and casting personnel for display booths)
  • We will organize extramural seminars for your clients or partners in any corner of the globe (from holding incentive events with key clients and brainstorms within the corporation to organizing large-scale conferences as part of dealership and partnership programs)
  • We will distribute you presentations and advertisements so that they could bring you the best effect (from leaving adds on registration desks at largest events to delivering them to the offices of you potential clients).





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